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Summary: On his way to work, Shimizu, a systems engineer, faints at a train station because of his strenuous job. As everyone pretends not to see him, the only person to call out to him is his elementary school classmate, Suzuki. But when Shimizu wakes up for the second time, he discovers that he has been imprisoned in a strange place and has been undressed and violated by Suzuki, who he expected to be humane! ”Looks like you get more excited when you’re tortured.” Inside this cell, day by day he drowns in sex…his nipples and asshole are toyed with; his body - molded into something corrupt. Shame turning to pleasure.

Another release here! Just as you might have figured out from the summary, this is a dark, psychological story. A story about obsession. There is some graphic abuse, so please keep that in mind before you read. However, though the story begins as the summary implies, the abuse isn’t the sole focus of the plot. The story also has a little mysterious feel too it. We thought some songs would fit the mood of this story, so perhaps they can serve as a preview:

"Let Me Kiss You" by Morrissey
"The Day Before" by Nell
"Beautiful Stranger" by Nell

The art is beautifully done by Chiharu Nara, and this is a relatively new story, printed in 2013, by Rena Shuhdoh. We hope you find this project interesting! Till next time!

Full Volume: [PDF] [DOCX] [READ ONLINE] [EPUB]

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